Perspectives in Modern Analysis

International Conference in honor of
Dov Aharonov, Samuel Krushkal, Simeon Reich, and Lawrence Zalcman

May 28-31, 2018, Holon, Israel







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                    Monday, May 28



15:00 - 16:00  Registration


16:15 - 16:45  Welcome


                        Chairperson: Anatoly Golberg


17:00 - 18:00  David Shoikhet, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

                          Resolvent Methods, Starlike Functions and Backward Flow Invariant



18:30              Get together



                    Tuesday, May 29



                        Chairperson: Mitsuhiro Shishikura


10:00 - 10:40  Anthony G. O'Farrell, National University of Ireland, Ireland

                          Boundary values of holomorphic distributions


                          **Coffee break**


11:00 - 11:40  Toshiyuki Sugawa, Tohoku University, Japan

                          Aharonov invariants revisited


11:50 - 12:30  Fedor Pakovich, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

                          Commuting rational functions revisited




                        Chairperson: Toshiyuki Sugawa


14:00 - 14:40  Lucian Beznea, Simion Stoilow Institute of Mathematics of

                        the Romanian Academy and University of Bucharest, Romania

                          Connections between the Dirichlet and the Neumann problem


14:50 - 15:20  Samuel L. Krushkal, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

                          Quasiconformal features and Fredholm eigenvalues of convex



15:30 - 16:00  Vladimir Bolotnikov, The College of William and Mary, USA

                          Carathéodory-Fejér type interpolation problems for Stieltjes functions


16:10 - 16:40  Gilles Zémor, Université de Bordeaux, France

                          Computing critical probabilities for percolation on regular tilings of

                          the hyperbolic plane


                          **Coffee break**


                          Session 1


                        Chairperson: Arthur A. Danielyan


17:00 - 17:30  Valerii Pchelintsev, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia

                          Applications of the quasiconformal geometry to the Neumann

                          eigenvalue problem


17:40 - 18:10  Alexander Ukhlov, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

                          Spectral estimates of degenerate p-Laplace operators in non-convex



                          Session 2


                        Chairperson: Eva Kopecká


17:00 - 17:30  Daniel Reem, Technion, Israel

                          Fixed points of Legendre-Fenchel type transforms and polarity type



17:40 - 18:10  Vadim Derkach, Technion, Israel

                          Equilibria in Thin Polycrystalline Systems: Surface Diffusion and Mean

                          Curvature Motion



                    Wednesday, May 30



                        Chairperson: Anthony G. O'Farrell


10:00 - 10:40  Mitsuhiro Shishikura, Kyoto University, Japan

                          Quasiconformal variation of cross-ratios and applications


                          **Coffee break**


11:00 - 11:40  Victor Palamodov, Tel Aviv University, Israel

                          An analytic method of reconstruction for X-ray phase contrast imaging


11:50 - 12:30  Marek Bozejko, Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of

                        Sciences, Poland

                          Generalized Gaussian processes and relations with random matrices

                          and positive de nite functions on permutation groups




                        Chairperson: Lucian Beznea


14:00 - 14:40  Eva Kopecká, University of Innsbruck, Austria

                          Orthogonal projections: slow convergence and divergence of their



                          Session 1


14:50 - 15:20  Arthur A. Danielyan, University of South Florida, USA

                          On bounded analytic functions


15:30 - 16:00  Sergey Favorov, Karazin's Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

                          Quasicrystals Fourier and tempered distributions


                          Session 2


                        Chairperson: Jonathan Breuer


14:50 - 15:20  Avraham Feintuch, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

                          Serial Pursuit, Shift Operators on l and Borel Summability


15:30 - 16:00  Vladimir Rabinovich, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico

                          Fredholm theory and essential spectrum of quantum graphs with

                          general vertex conditions


                          **Coffee break**


                          Session 1


                        Chairperson: Alekos Vidras


16:20 - 16:50  Ritva Hurri-Syrjänen, University of Helsinki, Finland

                          On Neumann eigenvalues and quasiconformal mappings


17:00 - 17:30  M. Elena Luna--Elizarrarás, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

                          On fractal-like constructions in four dimensions using bicomplex



17:40 - 18:10  Yakov Krasnov, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

                          Elements of Spectral Theory in Algebras


                          Session 2


                        Chairperson: Marek Bozejko


16:20 - 16:50  Vladimir Rovenski, University of Haifa, Israel

                          Variations of the Godbillon-Vey invariant of a foliated manifold


17:00 - 17:30  Bochen Liu, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

                          An L2 identity and pinned distance problem


17:40 - 18:10  Rafał Zalas, Technion, Israel

                          Regular operators in fixed point problems


19:00               Conference dinner in the restaurant "Lehavot", Rishon LeZion



                    Thursday, May 31



                        Chairperson: Ritva Hurri-Syrjänen


  9:30 - 10:10  Hiroshige Shiga, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

                          The quasiconformal prolongation of Riemann surfaces


10:20 - 10:50  Tomoki Kawahira, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

                          On dynamical and parametric Zalcman functions


                          **Coffee break**


11:10 - 11:40  Alekos Vidras, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

                          Cauchy-Fantappie formula on tube domain in C2


11:40               Closing


12:00               Excursion






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