Perspectives in Modern Analysis

International Conference in honor of
Dov Aharonov, Samuel Krushkal, Simeon Reich, and Lawrence Zalcman

May 28-31, 2018, Holon, Israel




We are happy to announce the Conference "Perspectives in Modern Analysis" to be held on May 28-31, 2018 at Holon Institute of Technology. The event will honor the distinguished Israeli analysts Dov Aharonov, Samuel Krushkal, Simeon Reich, and Lawrence Zalcman.


The meeting will provide a forum for discussions and exchange of new ideas, perspectives and recent developments in the broad field of Modern Analysis.


The topics to be addressed include (but not restricted to)

  • * Complex Analysis
  • * Operator Theory and Nonlinear Analysis
  • * Harmonic Analysis and PDE
  • * Quasiconformal Mappings and Geometry

The following institutions have contributed to the organization of this conference: Bar-Ilan University, Holon Institute of Technology, Israel Mathematical Union, ORT Braude College of Engineering and the Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology.






Professor Dov Aharonov was born in Haifa in 1938 and received his D.Sc from the Technion-ITT in 1967, under the guidance of Elisha Netanyahu. After postdoctoral studies at the University of Maryland, he joined the Department of Mathematics at the Technion. His research ranges over complex analysis as a whole, including geometric function theory, ordinary differential equations, quadrature domains, dynamical systems and circle packings. Prof. Aharonov has written three monographs and published over sixty research papers. D. Bshouty, Technion; Ronen Peretz, Ben-Gurion; Edriss Titi, Weitsman are some of his students.







Professor Samuel L. Krushkal was born in Tartu, Estonia in 1938 and graduated from the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics with a Ph.D. in 1964 and with a D.Sc. in mathematics in 1970 under the guidance of P. Belinskii. He was a research scientist at the Sobolev Institute until 1991, when he joined the Department of Mathematics at Bar-Ilan University. His research interests include complex analysis, geometric function theory, differential geometry, differential equations, and the geometry and topology of manifolds. He is the author and editor of four books and has published over 150 research papers. He has had 21 Ph.D. students from all over the world.





Professor Simeon Reich was born in Poland in 1948 and received his D. Sc. from the Technion in 1973, under the guidance of Marian Reichaw-Reichbach. During his research career Professor Reich has made significant contributions to many areas of mathematics including nonlinear operator theory, nonlinear evolution and integral equations, the identification and estimation of nonlinear distributed parameter systems, infinite dimensional holomorphy, variational inequalities, and sequential and parallel algorithms in feasibility and optimization. His list of publications contains three monographs, nineteen edited volumes and more than 450 research papers. His work has had great impact on research in analysis and optimization, as well as on a wide range of their applications. Simeon has had fifteen PhD students and nine MSc students.






Professor Lawrence A. Zalcman was born in Kansas City, Missouri (USA) in 1943 and received his Ph.D. from MIT in 1968, under the supervision of Kenneth Hoffman. He taught at Stanford University (1968-72) and the University of Maryland (1972-85), joining the Department of Mathematics of Bar-Ilan University in 1985. His research has dealt with applications of complex analysis and potential theory to approximation theory, harmonic analysis, integral geometry and partial differential equations; in recent years, it has focused on the theory of normal families of meromorphic functions and its generalizations. Zalcman served as Editor of Journal d'Analyse Mathématique from 1987 until 2017. He has received numerous awards for mathematical exposition, including the Chauvenet Prize in 1976 and three Paul R. Halmos - Lester R. Ford Awards (in 1975, 1981, and 2017).






The conference "Perspectives in Modern Analysis" is sponsored by the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Holon Institute of Technology, the Gelbart Research Institute for the Mathematical Sciences of Bar-Ilan University, the Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics of ORT Braude College of Engineering and in association with International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation (ISAAC).















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The previous meeting "Complex and Harmonic Analysis" was held at Holon Institute of Technology in April 2016, and organized by Bar-Ilan University, Holon Institute of Technology, and ORT Braude College of Engineering.